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July 03, 2009



I'd like to see a comic with all the flag-dressed heroes together: CA, Shield,
Fighting American, Captain Flag, Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, US Jones, Miss America, Wonder Woman, Liberty Belle, Uncle Sam, Superpatriot, Spirit Of 76, Lady Liberty, Fighting Yank and a whole lot more I can't think of at the moment.
They could form their own "Flagship" group and go off on JLA-like adventures, maybe with an American history twist.
At least Alex Ross or George Perez or somebody of that level of talent ought to do a cool poster of them.

Mark Engblom

Since we've both touched on the flag-themed superheroes, I might as well link you to last year's 4th of July post to see how many of the Red, White, and Blue characters you can name! Check the next day's post for the answers...but no peeking!

Mystik Tomato

I'm annoyed at myself that I got the presidential candidate question wrong. I own that comic!


The reason for the large number of "adamantium" answers (including my own) is, it turns out, due to someone else's error. There have been multiple canonical references to Cap's shield being made of adamantium AND vibranium, despite numerous corrections pointing out that adamantium was "invented" long after FDR gave Cap his circular shield -- which is canoncially made of a vibranium-iron allow.


70% :(

I was hoping for a higher score on my second favorite character of all time.
I never can get Sun Girl/Golden Girl right.
I'm with Grumpy on the shield question.

I'll just have to make it up on the Reed Richards quiz - whenever that is.

Happy 4th (well 5th now!

God Bless America and the living legend of World War II!


I got six out of 10. I think that's the highest I've ever gotten on one of Mark's quizzes! And most of the answers I got right I just learned within the last few weeks.

K.D. McCallister

Whew! Got a 9 out of 10, with the presidential nomination question being the one that did me in.

Lots of fun, thanks for posting it Mark.

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