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July 18, 2009



First: Brian Blessed is still alive?? I thought he had already, er, gone to Valhalla. But maybe I'm thinking of Oliver Reed.

Second: You may remember Ryan Reynolds from such films as "Good Luck Chuck" and "Employee of the Month." But you'd be thinking of Dane Cook, whom Reynolds resembles. The way to tell the difference is, Reynolds isn't a jackass.

ShadowWing Tronix

From what I can tell about the article, the cops had no reason to get on their case. They were just walking around wearing costumes to be silly. Granted, the idiot who punched the cop and ran (not sure in which order) deserves HIS arrest.

I'm also curious about First Flight.

Mark Engblom

Some accounts said the nitwits were panhandling.

My guess is that the requirement for a permit to wear a costume in public is that the threat of a ticket is probably the only thing keeping dozens, if not hundreds more eccentrics from doing the same thing. After all, this IS New York City we're talking about here...and I think enforcing this sort of law (while seemingly trivial and harassing to some) helps to keep the city MILDLY less circus-like.


Why do you need a permit to wear what you want?

I thought this was America! As long as it's not
indecent in public or impersonating an official
capacity, I thought I could wear what I like.

Better watch out! I've seen people with strange robes and veils and middle eastern accents--they're probably terrorists! Arrest them!

I've seen women with black outfits and unusual hats, trying to fool us all with crucifixes around their necks! Witches!

Thank God they are passing laws to save us from bad people and from ourselves.

Freedom is just too tough to handle.


I know that's a soapbox above, but it's something I feel strongly about.

Someday, they'll come for you.

Re:GL movie
This is the last superhero that needs to be brought live action to the screen so I can die happy. Just stick to the mythology: ring, power battery, oath, guardians, corps, Oa, etc.
Also, GL has always been a hero that acknowledges the presence of and works with other heroes. At least a tip of the hat to that idea, OK? (maybe a high-altitude Superman fly-over?)
Finally, something close to the original simple-but-elegant Hal Jordan
costume. GL doesn't need armor or equipment-the ring takes care of all that.

Hollywood suits, for all their desire for "branding", always want to change costumes that have been selling products for decades.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Mark Engblom


I don't think the "no costume" law is as Draconian as you're saying it is. One look around....anywhere in the nation...and you can see free people wearing all kinds of stuff, tasteful or not. I think the line is drawn at costumes more for a public safety issue than the "Big Brother" scenarios some people evoke at the drop of a hat. Remember, Bush is gone now....so the jackbooted police state is a thing of the past, right? I think the performance permit is a reasonable policy for places like New York City. On a good day, things are chaotic enough without nuts in superhero or dinosaur costumes distracting an already chronically distracted populace.

Dave M.

Hmmm... I thought that Ryan Reynolds had been cast as Deadpool in an upcoming movie directed by David Goyer. Can he be Hal Jordan and Wade Wilson at the same time? And more importantly, can he work for Marvel and DC simultaneously? (Personally, I think Firefly's Nathan Fillion or Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks would be a better choice for Green Lantern).


I can't think of a better Odin than Brian Blessed. His Hawkman Leader persona from the old 80's "Flash Gordon" movie is one of many fond B-movie memories of that decade. He'll be over the top just enough to make it memorable.

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