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June 19, 2009


Z Ryan

4 out of 10. I can see the percentage results and it seems only ONE person took this before me, getting 6 of 10.

I thought I was doing way better than 4. :(



... You must have a new posting system because I cannot post these last two times. The POST and PREVIEW buttons stay unclickable for a long time after I type my message, insert my name and my email. Even filling in the website doesn't help.

After waiting and typing this extra message, NOW I can click post. Does it relate to the length of my comment? Did you even change anything and it's just the system that changed?


6 out of 10. This one was quite tricky!

BTW, was Betty Ross a supervillain at some point?

Mark Engblom

Z Ryan-

Hmmm. No idea on the loading delay. I recall the blog hosting serving posting something about a new something-or-other being rolled out...hopefully it's not gumming up the works. I'll look into it.


Yes, a villain named MODOK exposed Betty Ross to gamma radiation, transforming her into The Harpy (Hulk #168, 1973).

Wes C

70% - I'll just have to live with the shame of missing a M.O.D.O.K related question. :(

I don't think M.O.D.O.K would be angry with me, so much as disappointed in me.


I only got 1/2 right. Guess I got comic book daddy issues!

Here's a few:
Who was Silk Spectre II's daddy?

What happened to Sue and Johnny Storm's dad?

What did The Fat Fury's dad always call him in his "normal" identity (Herbie)?

What effect did Alan Scott impart to his daughter's appearance because of his power source?

If you can answer all these, you really know
"who's your daddy"!


Wow, I don't feel as bad about my 7/10 now. Tough one!


Hey Mark, I can't reach your e-mail from the link somehow, but I have a subject request I'd love to hear your take on. If you have time/interest, contact me.

Pat Curley

Zubz, Sue and Johnny Storm's dad was killed by the Skrulls, and Herbie's dad always called him a "little fat nothing". I don't know the Alan Scott question, but I guess the logical answer would be "green hair". Don't have a guess for the first question.


Alan Scott's daughter Jade has green skin--not from gamma rays, but from his ring radiations which I guess must have penetrated to his, er, package.


Silk Spectre II's dad is the Comedian--both from Watchmen.

I guess neither of the above were silver age, though.

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