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May 08, 2009



I got six out of ten. Not bad considering how many wild guesses I took.

Ivan Wolfe

On some of them, I only got it right because I knew the others were wrong. The Warlord, for example: I've never read a Warlord comic, but I knew Pellucidar was an Edgar Rice Burroughs thing and the Savage Land was Ka-zar, so I figured "Skartis" sounded most plausible.

Wes C

80%, better than my last quiz.

I missed the Superman and X-Men questions.

I know Siegel and Shuster were from there, just hard to imagine Supes hanging around there. I've never been there though, so what do I know.

As for the X-Men, from the little I read of them in the 80's - early 90's, It never seemed like a "haven", it seemed like hellhole. Of course things prob changed after I dropped out.

That was a fun quiz! I like the spiffy new quiz format.


Another good Superman question is "In which state was Smallville originally located?"

Now it's Kansas, but originally it was in Delaware.

Pat Curley

Six out of ten, but I got the two toughest ones right. As it happened, I just recently reviewed the two Daphne Dean stories (about Barry's high school sweetheart, so I knew his hometown.

One of the interesting things about Barry was that he was one of the very, very few superheroes who had living parents. Unfortunately that's been retconned with this Flash Rebirth series.

Mark Engblom

"One of the interesting things about Barry was that he was one of the very, very few superheroes who had living parents."

Not to mention normal, well-adjusted parents...which has also apparently been ret-conned away. Sure, there was that time the spirit of the Top possessed Henry Allen (Flash #298-299?), but that's about as crazy as it got. But, that said, I'm still interested in seeing where Geoff Johns takes the new spin. Could be interesting (as weary as I am of heroes with messed-up or traumatic childhoods).


Can't believe I got Cleveland and Ivy Town and then fell for Central City.

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