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February 26, 2008


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Brian Disco Snell

You know, with all those powers, you wonder why, exactly, ORRGO's peeps wanted to invade Earth at all. With such reality altering powers, couldn't they just make whatever they needed? Surely they wouldn't need Earth resources, or people as slaves...

Plus, they gave up awfully easily...

Mark Engblom

I just think it's great he was killed by a gorilla punch. A gorilla named Jo-Jo. Not "Gargantua" or "King Kong".


Brian Disco Snell

Why the hell didn't we turn around and invade THEIR planet with a buncha gorillas? We could have ruled the universe...

Captain Average

Always have a mind-controlling,reality-altering superbeing to watch your back.You never know when those circus animals will getcha.

Mark Engblom

"Why the hell didn't we turn around and invade THEIR planet with a buncha gorillas? We could have ruled the universe..."

I wouldn't have put it past old Stan Lee and the proto-Bullpen boys if they'd created such a story....maybe title it "Beware....the Intergalactic Gorilla Army!"

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