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September 19, 2006



There's something completely creepy about Superman's expression on the "Infinite Christmas Special." It almost looks like he wants to throw the presents on you and smother you with them OR burn you to a crisp with his heat vision and THEN throw the presents on you and smother you with them.

And, um...what's with the emaciation, too? If they showed any more rib cage, I'd worry about his not eating right. Not a way to be a role model.

Mark Engblom

LOL! You're right, Loren....Superman is one skinny, psychotic-looking dude. Which is why I made sure to point out I didn't consider it a good cover....but significant only in that it featured the magic word "Christmas".

I'm also not fond of "Jedi Marvel" showing up on the cover, though I suppose the "Solomon" part of the SHAZAM name gives him some Judeo-Christian cred.

Supergirl appears to be about 9 feet tall, while Hal Jordan seems like a fourteen year-old boy.

Looks like Blue Devil's giving Batwoman the eye. I don't think he knows yet.

John Phelan

I'm trying to figure out how you can have an IC Christmas special.

Alex Luthor and Superboy Prime's gift exchange?

Superman delivers presents to alternate worlds just before they explode?

Because Magic is dying Santa can't deliver presents and so Wonder Woman steps in for him, only to find no one wants presents from a murderer?

Donna Troy tries to tell a Christmas story but confuses everyone when she keeps confusing the Earth 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/S/513 versions of the story?

Mark Engblom

LOL! Great ones, John! How about this one:

Superboy Prime punches the walls of reality until he gets the Christmas gifts he wanted!

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